"I am a beginner. Where can I find a set of decent quality budget uilleann pipes?"

“Is there such a thing as an affordable set of uilleann pipes for a student or learner?"

“Where can I find a set of cheap uilleann pipes?"

Uilleann pipes rental

3d printed polywood chanter, vinyl bag, poplar bellows

Our Student/Budget sets include a 3d printed polywood chanter and stocks, a vinyl bag, and poplar bellows. All chanters are individually voiced, finished, and hand-reamed to spec. The chanter model is derived from a boxwood Leo Rowsome student chanter made in 1936. The drones are based on Rowsome instruments made between 1936 - 1938. 

Many newcomers to the uilleann pipes are dismayed by price and wait time. Our budget / student uilleann pipes are designed to mitigate the challenges in getting started, providing affordable, genuine uilleann pipes with all the essentials for comfort and proper technique.

All of our instruments are derived from carefully researched historical originals.  

This product is geared towards reducing the obstacles to learning, playing, and enjoying this most distinctive bagpipe.

Spend your time learning instead of waiting. 

Polywood 3d Printed Chanter